White Papers

Supply Chain Value

As the face of retail changes, so are the supply chain processes that support it.  The supply chain teams are being asked to do more, with less time, and less money.  More than ever, the supply chain is being leaned on as a competitive asset rather than a necessary evil.  While merchandising is always king,…

Retail Operations in the Digital Age

This paper addresses how “Flow Planning” works, how it changes the operations of retail in the digital age and how new and/or revised practices such as each picking are required best practices for order fulfillment.

Food Fight: Discovering Eight Truths of the New Era of Retail

The acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon is discussed throughout the paper to illustrate where grocery and retail are headed today.

The Connected Warehouse™

IoT delivers efficiency and effectiveness in the warehouse.

Retail 2017 Trend Report

As the department store channel shrinks, and more brands fight for less space, our opinion is that brands will need to be more creative, flexible, and diversified in their approaches.

Align Strategy and Operations with Collaborative Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) sits at the heart of many organizations as the management process that runs the entire business. The real power of IBP is in enabling effective decision making to control the future direction of the company.

The Survival Guide to Digital Disruptions Whitepaper

Digital disruptions are affecting supply chains and the way business is being done. Businesses cannot be successful in the digital era with yesterday’s supply chain practices and technologies. This is the time to stage a supply chain revolution that responds to an unmatched level of digital disruption

Top Tips for Product Naming Success

Tompkins International’s newest white paper, Top Tips for Product Naming Success, written by Scott Moon, Principal, discusses the factors that should be considered in the naming of a product, put in context to the item master, and the many factors that should be considered in describing an item.

Redesigning The Supply Chain Organization for Omnichannels:
Why Is This So Challenging?

As Supply Chain Management (SCM) continues to expand in its understanding, its impacts on stakeholder value, and its role in the business and operational strategies of each company, the question of the most effective organizational design has risen to the executive suite along with the awareness of its growing influence. This paper provides you with needed guidelines for SCM organizational redesigns. When a redesign is done correctly, factoring in all pieces of the puzzle and answering the correct questions, an organization can enable change, and in fact, produce greater profitability from all channels.

What Is Supply Chain Network Design and Why Is It Important?

The primary purpose of a supply chain network design is to assess company policies and programs and to meet targets to accomplish long‐term strategic objectives.Most business units or functional areas within a company are impacted by a network design project.