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Tompkins Press Bookstore

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Tompkins Press offers a variety of titles to help transform your supply chain for profitable growth. In our books, you’ll find topics from leadership enhancement and supply chain operations, to strategic entry into the China market.

Tompkins Press titles are available in either print or eBook form. Some are available in both formats. Browse our wide selection below to learn more.

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  • Caught Between the Tiger and the Dragon$6.99 eBook
    $19.95 Print $9.95 Reduced Price
  • Bold Leadership$9.99 eBook
    $24.95 Print $12.50 Reduced Price
  • Warehouse Management Handbook$19.99 eBook
  • Supply Chain Handbook$19.99 eBook
    $59.95 Print $29.95 Reduced Price
  • Logistics and Manufacturing Outsourcing$9.99 eBook
    $24.95 Print $12.50 Reduced Price
  • No Boundaries$24.95 Print $12.50 Reduced Price
  • Future Capable Company$24.95 Print $12.50 Reduced Price
  • Revolution$24.95 Print $12.50 Reduced Price
  • Think Outside the Box$12.95 Print $6.50 Reduced Price